Password Repository 4.3.2

Category: macOS Apps
Published: Mar 28, 2024

Password Repository is a password manager to keep all your passwords and all the related data in a safe way on macOS and iOS.

Easy and Powerful

Document based, allows to create unlimited documents with different set of passwords.
Any document you create is protected and encrypted by a ‘Master Password’ via AES-256 encryption algorithm.
Compatible with the similar version for iOS.
A Document has a simple layout and is based on a ‘Master and Detail’ interface, with a list of records on the left and a detail of the selected record on the right.
Master table is customizable as you need
Passwords can be organized in categories with a name and a unique color for better handling of your data.
Easy retrieving thanks to search categories and the always available search field that filter content live as-you-type
No connection required. Not based on iCloud
Data Structure Inside

Account Name
User ID
Security question and answer
Note (a free text area)
Detailed Featured

Selectable startup document opened by default running the application
Fully compatible with older versions
Fast, safe and stable because it’s all macOS native since first release.
Categories inside the document with color labels that you can customize to properly organize the passwords.
Color categories to browse your passwords with an immediate subdivision of your data ‘by color’.
Visualization for any record of ‘creation data’, ‘modification data’ and ‘usage time’
All the records can be sorted, arranged, filtered and displayed as you like in a click.
Always available search by category or content or combined
Fully customization of the master table, the user can visualize only selected columns.
Full support of undo adding and removing records and categories.
Push and Pull to use userId/password on the web or other applications without plug-in or additional software that can introduce complexity and security/compatibility problems.
Data can be copied with a single click and you receive a feedback of the copy by a HUD popping up on the screen
Password generator inside to create new password in the format you need (multiple formats available).
Data exchange with other apps. You can import from CSV, TSV, CSV-S (also from windows format) and export to CSV, TSV, CSV-S, html, and custom format (where you define elements)
Windows remember size and position after re-launches
For data security you can’t modify data in the document without switching in edit mode
Data interchange with iPhone and iPad. Any document created with Password Repository 4 on a Mac, can be transferred via iTunes and used on iOS without any changes
Document can be auto locked after a specified time of inactivity in background
Optimized for the latest macOS release 10.14 Mojave and can run on any Mac with macOS 10.10 and successive
Runs perfectly under both Light Appearance Mode and Dark Appearance Mode
Includes a full User Guide in PDF

Simply and effective it makes easy to send ID/password to other applications and not just web browsers.
Your ID/Password are available to any application in 2 clicks without compromising the security of your data.
The first click in Password Repository can open your URL and copy the ID to clipboard ready to be pasted
The second click on a clickable button inside the menu bar (available to any application) copy the password ready for use.

Tabs for managing many documents in a single window
Merge all documents in a window
Full screen
Automatic resume
Tags in finder
What’s New:

Version 4.3.1:

Bug fix
Minor interface improvements

Title: Password Repository 4.3.2
Developer: Roberto Panetta
Compatibility: macOS 10.10 or later
Language: English
Includes: K’ed by TNT
Size: 9.66 MB


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