Techtool Pro 19.0.6

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Published: May 25, 2024

TechTool Pro is a user-friendly and versatile macOS application that helps you scan your CPU, RAM, video hardware and other components to identify various symptoms that would help you prevent expensive repairs.

Advanced and reliable troubleshooting solution for experts and novices alike
Once you’ve launched TechTool Pro, you can quickly initiate the Check Computer process and perform a complete diagnostic check of your Mac and, with the help of the S.M.A.R.T Check feature, you can detect possible drive failure.

Moreover, TechTool Pro also comes with all the needed tools to test your Mac’s RAM, analyze disk directories and perform extremely fast surface tests if and when needed.

It is recommended to regularly run Check Computer in order to obtain valuable advice on how to repair detected problems. TechTool Pro is capable to test, rebuild and even repair damaged directories on corrupted hard drives, as well as optimize the data directories after they are repaired.

Easily repair volumes without data loss
With the help of TechTool Pro’s Volume Rebuild feature you can view and analyze the comparison chart before replacing the directory data. In addition, you can use the app to optimize your drives and keep them working at maximum performance.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the SPD report for generating a comprehensive list of technical and other related information about your Mac’s memory.

Create emergency startup partitions and clone your volume with ease
What is more, TechTool Pro enables you to create an eDrive, an extra startup partition based on the currently used system volume, which can save precious time when you need an emergency startup partition to run regular maintenance on your Mac. Consequently, you’ll not have to reformat or boot from a DVD, USB stick or secondary hard drive.

You can use the Volume Cloning feature to create faithful duplicate of your volumes and backup your data and apps. This feature can be useful when upgrading from a smaller hard disk to a larger one. You can easily duplicate your entire disk, synchronize files or clone to various disc image formats.

Helps you optimize and speed up your Mac with just a couple of mouse clicks
On top of all that, TechTool Pro helps you perform file and volume optimization to consolidate free space or defragment individual files. It should also be noted that, for a more effective optimization, you should run the Volume Optimization after the File Optimization task.

As an added advantage, the TechTool Pro app is also designed to recover data, monitor your network and customize it via automatic functions, which can be setup run in the background.

All things considered, if you’re in need of a comprehensive hardware diagnostic utility for your Mac, TechTool Pro ticks all the boxes as it makes simple for both professionals and beginners to perform hard drive tests and repairs, to backup, recover and undelete your documents, diagnose and repair hard drive and memory issues, as well as create emergency startup disks for easy troubleshooting.

What’s New:

Version 19.0.6

Added iPad Air (M2) and iPad Pro (M4) series support for the Battery Check test
Updated Volume Rebuild tool to support non-ascii character volume names
Updated Bonjour manufacturer database for the Local Network tool
Updated Sparkle update framework to version 2.6.2
Minor fixes and enhancements

Title: Techtool Pro 19.0.6
Developer: Micromat Inc
Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later
Language: English
Includes: Serial
Size: 316.08 MB


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